Past Performance:

Warrior Training Alliance/Warfighter Focus
- May 2008 - to Present

Provide qualified personnel in support of three (3) key Army training systems at multiple installations throughout the United States and in the Republic of South Korea. The first system is called TES (Tactical Engagement Simulator) also know as Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES). Bedrock Prime provides electronic technicians who repair and/or totally rebuild all the wiring harnesses, sensors, control units and transmitters for all MILES equipment used by the Army and Air Force at our assigned locations. Additionally, our personnel perform function tests on the MILES equipment using TMDE to ensure complete functionality prior to returning the equipment to the customer.

The second system is the Aerial Weapon Scoring System (AWSS) is the Army standard for scoring air to ground aviation gunnery. This is a scalable and portable system of computer controlled sensors used to score live-fire helicopter gunnery for evaluation of crew and weapons performance.  It is the standard objective, real time, scoring method for all US Army AH-64 Apache, OH-58 Kiowa crew qualification gunnery’s as well as all OH 64 Blackhawk door gunnery’s.  

AWSS is comprised of a radar-based bullet scoring system, an acoustic rocket scoring system, and a laser accuracy scoring system.  The system can operate day and night with no degradation or limitations due to environmental conditions and provides the commander with objective feedback of target effect. 

This is the only fielded system worldwide for Attack helicopter live fire training.  BedRock Prime support personnel consistently receive high marks for on the spot work-around and doing their best to maximize system performance while maintaining a 95% availability rate. 

The third system we support is the Combined Arms Collective Training Facilities (CACTF) spans over 40 acres which includes a 91,827sf training facility.  The CACTF consists of a Range Operation center, After Action Review building operations and storage buildings and 19 replica training buildings. The CACTF is designed to conduct multi-echelon, full spectrum operations training up to battalion/task force level.  The CACTF provides a training area in which units may learn the individual and collective skills needed to fight and defeat an enemy inn an urban environment.  The CACTF supports both Force on Force and Force on Target operations. All training events are captured on video for use in the after-actions-review. The after-actions-review facility allows leaders to view actions in the CACTF and evaluate the unit proficiency.  The CACTF AAR facility links video playback and editing equipment to the cameras in the CACTF.  This allows units to conduct AAR’s in a classroom environment while viewing the unit’s actions that were recorded earlier.

Mounted Maneuver Battlespace Laboratory
- May 2008 -

Provide support with computer operators in effecting coordination and in conducting classified and unclassified experimentation, supporting simulation infrastructure development, and simulations support to a variety of research, experimentation and testing ends as they apply to future weapons, weapons, systems, organizations and non-weapons’ systems.

ROTC Recruiting Operations Officer Training - U.S. Army Cadet Command
- November 2007 -

The Unites States Army Cadet Command (USACC) was implementing a recruiting Operations Officer Zone, a web based production management system throughout the command. This was a production management tool for prospecting and processing cycles of Cadet Command recruiting. As Cadet Command integrated this application, there was a need to train all identified personnel within the command. Bedrock Prime identified the target audience, presented the design team’s understanding of the purpose of the training, outlined and described the proposed course taxonomy and discussed the lesson design map and the training elements for the instructor and web based methods. The course curriculum consisted of two components: (1) An instructor-led training (ILT) and (2) a web-based training (WBT) course. Each course addressed the same body of knowledge. ILT was real time interaction with an instructor that provided in depth information sharing and direct response to questions. WBT was a self passed learning method that allowed on line evaluation techniques. It included training materials on web pages delivered on the internet and included interactive methods (e.g. graphics, animation, video, static images).

Maneuver Captains' Career Course - Reserve Component
- August 2006 -

Maneuver Captains’ Career Course – Reserve Component (MC3-RC)
prepares company grade officers for company command and staff
assignments at the Battalion and Brigade levels. MC3-RC is a five phase
course delivered in a combination of asynchronous instruction. BedRock
participated in the development of the 149-hour asynchronous instruction
delivered at a self-paced speed over the Internet. This instruction immerses
the Soldiers in the complex content through tactical scenario-based e-learning.

The Impact of Physical, Behavioral, and Moral Disqualification of Prime Market
- October 2005 -

A study to gauge the impact of physical, behavioral and moral
disqualification of the prime market for the United States Army Accessions
Command was awarded to a Camber/BedRock Team, with a BedRock
Employee serving as Project Manager. The object was to assist the
Command’s Center for Accessions Research in determining the size of the
youth population that is not qualified to enlist due to medical and/or moral
reasons. A systematic approach to gathering, analyzing, and reporting
information that will help the US Army Accessions Command estimate the
size of the qualified prime market in years ahead through 2020.

USAREC Doctrine and Training
- August 2004 -

The USAREC Doctrine and Training project focuses on designing and
developing a 10-hour program of instruction and certification on the new
doctrine. The New Doctrine Interactive Multimedia Instruction (ND-IMI) is a
narrated DVD-based training program complete with interactive video of
The Army Interview and companion Leader and Facilitator Workbooks. This
program is used to train each member of the Recruiting Command on the
concepts of the new doctrine. BedRock is also assisting in developing a
companion Web-based version of this training program for deployment via
the LMS.

Air Force Distributed Learning
- September 2003 -

The Family Matters Employment Services Automated Training Assistance
Program CD includes material covering multiple areas of transition
assistance and performance support resources, such as: ready-to-print
pamphlets, reference cards, forms, checklists, and other resources into a
single-source electronic reference guide, (SSERG for Family Matters) for the
Air Force’s Work/Life Specialists and Consultants.

Recruiter Training Assistance Center
- June 2001 -

The Army announced that Resource Consultants, Inc. of Vienna, Virginia was
the successful bidder on this nearly one million dollar a year contract.
BedRock will serve as a partner and subcontractor for the first year of what
could be a five-year contract. The RTAC will be instrumental in supporting
the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) Training Division
through training development and evaluation support of USAREC and its
15,000 worldwide-deployed recruiters, leaders and staff. The RTAC is located
in the BedRock Building, Radcliff, Kentucky.